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Investment Agency

Chengzhao Distribution,

To Provide One-stop Convenient Service

To meet the needs of customers in more regions for xinmingyi packaging products and services


Investment Promotion Concept

Complementary advantages and win-win cooperation


Investment Commitment

Let the friends who act as the agent of xinmingyi environmental protection packing belt make money in a relaxed and happy way


Potential Tenants

Enterprises or individuals with environmental protection concept all over the world, especially packaging materials and packaging equipment companies


Flexible Way

You can act as our agent for our products, or you can be our full-time or part-time salesman. In short, we will protect your interests and provide value-added services such as fast supply, replacement and return, and free maintenance of the packer for users

Why do many dealers and partners choose xinmingyi

Four core advantages give good reasons

Strict Quality Control

Ensure that the product has strong stability, good repeatability, high affinity characteristics, from the quality, guarantee the dealer's customer space

Profit Margin

Agent grading pricing, and all products and services are supplied to end customers at catalog price to ensure high profit, high income and high return of the agent.

Regional Protection

In order to protect the interests of agents, the hierarchical management of agents is implemented, and strict market protection provisions are formulated to ensure that the interests of agents are not infringed

Training Support

Agents can come to our company for training, so that you can learn how to sell our products in one hour


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