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Ceramic Industry

Ceramic Industry

Mingyi packaging began to supply plastic straps for osheno in 2017. In the past five years, product quality and service have been recognized. Ming Yi packing belt in the process of ceramic delivery or preservation...
Home Appliance Industry

Home Appliance Industry

What is the packaging material of Mingda electric with Mingyi? PP strapping made of new materials! Household appliances are bulky goods, enterprises need packing materials, good protection of their strap products...
Building materials Industry

Building materials Industry

Project introduction: A building materials company in Guangzhou is a manufacturer of building materials in Guangdong Province. Its diversified products meet the needs of customers from building houses to decoration materials...
Machinery Parts

Machinery Parts

A logistics enterprise in Guangzhou is committed to the R & D, production and sales of efficient and environmentally friendly new catalysts and molecular sieves to provide customers with more optimized process solutions. Has a number of sales network all over the country

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